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Thank you for considering TCR to partner with for your event. We want to help make the process of deciding what you need for your race as simple and easy as possible. At the bottom of this page is a checklist to help you decide what you would like TCR to handle or, what you want to do for your event yourself. By completing this checklist, we are able to build the best possible quote for you.



Our #1 requested service is our BASIC RACE PACKAGE.


In this fantastic value, which covers all of the basic equipment for timing up to a 125 person registration race, you'll have access to: 


TCR Event Management uses MyLaps BibTag timing systems, the same system used for the Boston Marathon. Each timing system is comprised of 4 meters (approximately 13 feet) of reader area to register runners as they cross. One (1) timing mat, 4 meters wide, is included in the Basic Race Package.


TCR Event Management will order custom bibs, at no additional cost, and adhere timing chips to the back of these bibs. These bibs will be brought to the race site on the morning of the race. IF A PACKET PICKUP IS SCHEDULED BEFORE RACE DAY, WE MUST KNOW THIS TO BE ABLE TO ENSURE PROPER DELIVERY OF THE BIBS/CHIPS PRIOR TO RACE DAY.



Results will be available within 10 minutes of being requested by the client on race morning. An electronic version of the results will also be e-mailed to the client within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race. These results will be classified as PRELIMINARY until all athletes have the opportunity to review the results and remark. If immediate results are required for the athletes, receipt printers may be added at the finish line for a printable copy of the preliminary results for the athletes (see below for pricing).


One (1) arch is included in the Basic Race Package price. Our arches are branded for TCR Event Management and we have 15' and 20' width options available. Additional, unbranded arches may be available for use at additional locations, should they be requested.


Timing Clocks

TCR uses LED, single-sided timing clocks at all events. One (1) timing clock is included in the Basic Package price. Additional clocks may be added for an additional fee.

PA System

One (1) basic speaker and PA system is included in this package. Additional units are available for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that there are music license issues with music at events. TCR can assist you in obtaining the appropriate licensing fee and is not responsible for music played at the finish line.

TCR Arch, logistics, equipment rental

When you're ready, TCR will develop pricing for you. Typically a $40 per hour fee will be applied toward any of the Additional Services below. Clients may request a weekly breakdown of hours spent on an event to keep track of spending.

​Minimum cost of $1000, for up to 100 registered participants. All additional registrants cost $3 each. This package is for timing services only. Any additional services may be requested and agreed upon by both TCR Event Management and the client.


All events outside of a 50 mile radius of Easton, Maryland MAY have a lodging fee and/or mileage added.

To secure your date, TCR requires a 25% non-refundable deposit. This cost will be calculated based on services requested. Many times for first year events that require timing only, this fee will be $125 (based on 25% of the $500 minimum). Once we have an idea of the equipment you require, this base cost may increase. 

Click the button below to access our printable, Pre-Contract Worksheet to get started on identifying what you need for your event. We try to be as transparent with our pricing as we can to ensure you have the best event at the price you expect. 


Once you have decided on the needs for your event, then we send a finalized contract for your approval.

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